Kinetic Growth

Salesforce apps for 100% integrated eCommerce, renewals automation, subscription billing, invoices, quotes, credit card payments, and task management.


eCommerce for Salesforce

Venue is designed for online business: it is extensively customizable and includes all the components required for a fully functional eCommerce store such as shopping cart, shipping, sales tax, credit card processing, discounts and coupons.


Renewals, subscriptions & billing for Salesforce

Encore automates renewals and provides subscription billing . You can up-sell, co-term add-ons, and create quotes. Encore integrates tightly into your existing Salesforce flow and works with your existing opportunities.

"The perfect solution for managing subscription and regular invoicing."

Alfredo C.

Jeff K.

"[Encore] has been transparent to our sales team. It doesn't look like a different application, instead it looks like a new feature of Salesforce."

"Venue was one of the few eCommerce application built natively on the platform that allowed us to quickly build and deploy eCommerce for our customers."

Hassan K.