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eCommerce, Quoting, Payments, Billing & Renewal Management

100% Native to Salesforce & fully Lightning Enabled

Built for Salesforce Customers by Salesforce Customers we want to empower all Salesforce organization with OOTB (out-of-the-box) fully integrated eCommerce (B2B & B2C), Sales Collaboration, Subscription Management, Quoting, Advance Pricing, Invoicing, Payment/Billing, and Renewals Management.

eCommerce & Sales Collaboration

Venue empowers Salesforce customers to rapidly design, develop, and deploy eCommerce (B2B & B2C) in 24-48 business hours. 

Venue is designed to work with Salesforce Customer Communities.  Now guests can quickly check out, customers can collaborate with sales, and partners can all shop in a similar shopping experience. 

Quoting, Subscriptions, Billing, & Renewals

Encore empowers sales, customers success, and finance teams by giving them the visibility to understand the full life cycle of a customer.

Encore enables sales to present products or solutions, up-grades, down-grade, co-term add-ons, advance pricing changes, generate quotes, manage subscriptions, payment/billing and renewals management.  


Stay within your budget while implementing best-of-breed software. Built for SMBs, scalable for Enterprises.

Easily implemented

Traditional solutions take 6 to 12 months [on average] to implement. Our solutions take 24 to 48 hours, or as few as 6 weeks for more detailed use cases.

Effortlessly managed

Leverage your existing Salesforce administrator to manage and maintain your solution.

“The perfect solution for managing subscriptions and regular invoicing.”

Alfredo C.

Jeff K.

“Encore has been transparent to our sales team. It doesn’t look like a different application, instead it looks like a new feature of Salesforce.”

“With Kinetic growth we get an out-of-the-box solution for our  eCommerce, Quoting, Sales Collaboration, Payment/Billing and Renewals Management requirements.”

Ronaldo C.

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