Kinetic Growth Support Policy

This policy is intended to outline the responsibilities of Kinetic Growth and our customers in identifying and resolving issues that may arise when using our software & services. Full details are specified in the customer agreement documents. This policy is subject to change and any changes will be posted to the website.


Kinetic Growth develops and offers to our customers software as a Salesforce managed package application (“Managed Package”).

From time to time Kinetic Growth modifies the Managed Package and releases an update (“New Version”) accompanied by release notes that describe the update. After a testing period, Kinetic Growth pushes the New Version to customer production environments.

During the testing period customers can and should install the New Version in their sandboxes and developer environments and test before their production environment is upgraded. Customers may choose to install the New Version in their production environments at any time during the testing period or wait for Kinetic Growth to push the New Version at the end of the testing period.

Once Kinetic Growth has pushed the New Version to any of our customers, the New Version becomes the current version (“Current Version”). At any given time there is one Current Version and possibly one New Version.


In addition we offer professional services to implement, integrate, and adapt the Managed Package into customers’ specific environment, per requirements that are detailed in the statement of work for the project (the “Professional Services”).

Upon delivery of Professional Services projects, it is the customer’s responsibility to review, test, and accept the work as delivered, and to ensure it meets the requirements as detailed in the statement of work. Upon delivery of Professional Services projects, the project is considered complete and there is no further warranty or guarantee provided.


If a customer encounters and reports an issue with their customized Kinetic Growth implementation, our support services will determine whether the reported issue is with the Managed Package or with the Professional Services portion of the customer’s environment.

If the issue is determined to be with the Current Version or the New Version of the Managed Package, we will continue to analyze and identify the source of the issue. Once identified, we will create a code change or enhancement request for the issue, which will be considered for a future release of the Managed Package based on the priority and severity of the issue.

If the issue reported is determined to be with (a) a version of the Managed Package that is neither the Current Version nor the New Version (“Legacy Version”), or (b) the Professional Services, then all further work to analyze and resolve the issue will be addressed as a separate professional services project that will be billed to the customer on a time and materials basis.

For any further clarification of this policy, please contact Kinetic Growth.

We appreciate your business and look forward to a long future with your organization.

Revision date: January 9, 2018

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