AppExchange Checkout for Salesforce goes live

Use AppExchange Checkout to buy Done with your credit card

Now you can use AppExchange Checkout to buy Done using your credit card

Today Salesforce went live with a new service called AppExchange Checkout.

Salesforce partnered with the billing company Recurly to allow credit card payments through the AppExchange.   Now, when you a buy an app, you can sign up for your credit card to be charged automatically.

Your card is charged a prorated amount for the first month and then charged on the 1st day of each subsequent month.  The system handles credit card processing and lets you know if your credit card is declined.  If your card is declined you’ll get an email letting you know what to do.

We’re setting up our Done app to use Checkout to make getting it as easy as possible.  You can still go to the AppExchange for your free 30 day trial and soon you’ll be able to buy it using recurring credit card billing.


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