Arsenal de Llantas chooses Venue for e-commerce

Mexico’s Arsenal de Llantas chooses Kinetic Growth’s Venue for e-commerce

Sell online with Salesforce - Arsenal De Llantas logoArsenal de Llantas – an online supplier of auto, truck, and mining tires and services in Mexico – has chosen Venue to handle their e-commerce website.

Arsenal de Llantas’ new approach allows customers in Mexico to browse online for tires, wheels, and accessories with the best quality-to-cost ratio. Moreover, customers can select local installation services and complete their transactions online. Most orders are delivered within one to three business days, giving busy customers in Mexico a convenient new way to meet their automotive needs.

Internally, Arsenal de Llantas uses the Salesforce Platform for their entire IT operations, keeping all customer, inventory, and partner data within the system. By running their entire e-commerce site directly from within Salesforce, Venue allows Arsenal to efficiently use all the data, structure, and automation they already have in place. Using a native e-commerce application eliminates the need to duplicate their data into a separate system and reduces the resources required to maintain their online store.

“We chose Kinetic Growth because of the people,” said Carlos Villarreal, CEO of Arsenal de Llantas. “They are responsive to our needs and requests and are real experts in what they do. This kind of service gives us the confidence to work with Kinetic Growth even though we work in different countries and languages. On top of everything, we chose Kinetic Growth because of their ability to make things happen.”

About Arsenal de Llantas
Arsenal de Llantas provides auto, truck, and mining tires and services in Mexico offline and via its website.

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About Kinetic Growth
Kinetic Growth provides software applications that drive growth and improve efficiency; all built 100% on the Salesforce Platform. These applications extend the capabilities’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help organizations manage recurring sales and allow their customers to self-serve. Venue is eCommerce for Salesforce. Encore automates renewals, subscriptions, and recurring billing. Done provides advanced task management and collaboration.

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