Done – create tasks

Done – create tasks

Done - mass create tasks 1

Step 1: Click the ‘New Tasks’ button to bring up the task create screen. You can create a single task or multiple tasks at once.

Done - mass create tasks 2

Step 2: Add a row for each task you want to create. By default, one row is already shown. If you want to create a total of 5 tasks, add 4 additional rows.

Done - mass create tasks 3

Step 3: Use the mass update area to enter details that are the same for all tasks. Click the ‘Apply to rows’ button to copy these details into each row.

Done - mass create tasks 4

Step 4: If you want to place a similar task on multiple Contacts or Leads, set the Contact/Lead ID for each row. First choose ‘Contact’ or ‘Lead’ from the picklist. Then search to add the contact or lead.

Done - mass create tasks 5

Step 5: Click the ‘Save’ button to create the tasks and return to the Done tab.

Done - mass create tasks 6

Step 6: Your tasks are created. If you don’t see them in your task list, adjust your Filters and Sort order.

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