Automate renewals and subscription billing with Encore. You can co-term add-on orders, up-sell, create quotes, generate invoices, and collect payment. Encore integrates smoothly into your existing Salesforce work flow and works with your existing opportunities and Salesforce data.

Process renewals, subscriptions & payments faster.

  • Automatically create renewal quotes & opportunities
  • Email quotes & invoices directly from Salesforce
  • Intelligently track customer sales history
  • Manage subscriptions and billing
  • Process credit card payments from within Salesforce and accept online payments
  • Encore is 100% native - your data stays entirely on Salesforce servers

Automatically get a complete sales history for every customer.

  • Encore automatically creates a list of historical sales
  • It's smart about creating the sales history - it combines and deletes items intelligently
  • You can optionally set Encore to create standard Salesforce Asset objects for renewable/subscription products

Automatically or manually create renewal opportunities.

  • Encore automatically create renewal opportunities based on your rules
  • To manually create a new opportunity, use Encore's custom product and price screens by clicking the 'Manage Products' button

Quickly add products

  • Encore intelligently presents you with the right products
  • It combs through the sales history and only show products which are eligible for renewal
  • You have the option to choose which Products you’d like to renew and the length of the renewal contract

Easily set prices

  • Confirm or modify prices & discounts
  • Accept prices & discounts based on historical values or manually adjust them
  • The mass update feature applies prices & discounts to many products at once
  • You can also fine tune prices & discounts individually from a single screen

Your opportunity has the right products and prices

  • Encore incorporates your company's best practices to streamline your renewals flow
  • Less time wasted sorting through account details
  • Better accuracy of products, prices and terms
  • Opportunities are correct whether you chose manual- or auto-create
  • Your sales forecasts can include renewals and subscriptions

Encore automatically maintains your sales history.

  • Encore updates quantities, expirations, and renewal dates
  • You are always ready to quote a new renewal since your sales history is constantly up-to-date

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