Heroku overview

Salesforce gave a great session on Heroku at their San Francisco Cloudstock event this past Thursday.  The session outlined five advantages of Heroku:

  1. Run Anything
  2. Forget Servers
  3. Deploy Instantly
  4. Scale with Ease
  5. Extend with Add-ons

Salesforce currently provides Heroku developers with the equivalent of 1 free user
per application. They express this as 750 dyno-hours/month (a dyno is a
platform resource that is allocated to each user of the application).

In addition to providing a good overview of Heroku, the presenter suggested several technologies to check out:

  1. jQuery
  2. Twitter Bootstrap
  3. CoffeeScript
  4. Asset Compilers (such as Play Framework 2)
  5. MVC Frameworks (such as Backbone and Angular)
  6. Client-side templating (such as Mustache and Jade)


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