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To kick-off our new radio segment on the subscription economy, Kevin Price interviewed Seth Landy on The Price of Business.

KTEK 1110 AM Bloomberg logo Here’s a transcript of the interview.

Welcome to the Price of Business. I am your host Kevin Price talking about you and your business. Continuing my conversation about Dreamforce 2013, which is right around the corner. I’m speaking with Seth Landy, with a company called Kinetic Growth. Tell us exactly what you do Seth, and welcome to the program.

Thanks Kevin. Kinetic Growth provides renewal management and eCommerce software for Salesforce. We help companies track and manage subscriptions and we help them enable their customers to self-serve. My co-founder and I started Kinetic Growth to address three business trends we identified. First, more and more companies want to provide subscription offerings instead of one-time sales. Second, customers expect the companies they are doing business with to provide eCommerce functionality. And third, companies want to consolidate their IT systems. Those first two trends led us to start Kinetic Growth. And the third trend led us to partner with Salesforce.

Very cool. So tell us a little about the history of your company.

Sure. My teammates and I had all independently been working with Salesforce at different companies that partner with Salesforce. We had been involved in the ecosystem for some time and were hearing the same stories from the companies we were working with. These stories are the trends I just mentioned. Companies want to do eCommerce within Salesforce instead of managing their eCommerce separately from their direct sales. And companies want a better way to manage subscriptions and sell subscriptions within Salesforce.

Ok. Give me an idea of the kind of companies you work with.

We work with customer companies – companies that want to automate processes to free up their sales reps time so that reps can focus more on their customers. We are working with companies that want to open up options for their customers so that they’re easy to do business with.

Tell us about the level of sponsorship you will have at Dreamforce.

We’re a Bronze sponsor at Dreamforce this year. And we are really excited about it. It’s a huge audience and a great opportunity for us to market our solutions. As a Bronze sponsor we’ll have a booth, give demos, and raffle off prizes. Last year we raffled off a flat screen TV. We got a really positive response from that so we are doing it again this year. We’ll be at booth N2131 in Cloud Expo North. So if you are attending Dreamforce please stop by and say hello and maybe you’ll win a TV.

How many times have you done Dreamforce as an exhibitor?

This is our second time sponsoring Dreamforce. Last year we were an exhibitor level sponsor, which is something available to first time sponsors. It was very successful for us; that’s why we’re back and increasing our sponsorship level.

So obviously it’s working for you.

Yes, it’s really turning out great for us.

So what do you do to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck?

That’s a great question. One thing is that we spend a lot of time preparing for Dreamforce. We practice our demos and really make sure that everybody at the booth is prepared and knows what they’re doing. As I mentioned, we have a raffle and that does help draw a crowd. And we go with a lot of energy and people see our excitement and get a sense of what it’s like to do business with us.

Yes, absolutely. Do you try to schedule in advance the people you want to meet before they get there?

Yes, we are reaching out to our clients and prospects; letting them know we are going to be there and that we are going to be at booth N2131 so they can find us. We’re also setting up meetings with our existing customers; it’s so nice to have those face to face meetings. We have customers all over – so Dreamforce is a great opportunity for us to connect with the customers who we don’t get to see in person as frequently.

Seth Landy is with a company called Kinetic Growth. They are one of the companies that participate in Dreamforce each year. Thanks for being with us.

Thanks Kevin.

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Note: the interview transcript is lightly edited for clarity and length

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