Task & activity management for Salesforce

Get a tasks tab where you can see, edit, and track all your Salesforce tasks. Find, filter & sort tasks so you can find what you’re looking for. Reduce data entry with mass create, edit & delete. Collaborate and see tasks you’ve assigned to others. See Chatter updates while tasks are in progress & post to Chatter without opening each task.

See more task details

REad and post to chatter without leaving the done tab

Done uses standard Salesforce tasks - so it works with tasks you already have

New in version 2.0

  • Task Templates – define best practices & automatically create tasks
  • Discover Tasks – find existing tasks on objects you own
  • Informed Rules – automatically follow new tasks you care about
  • Done Engine – JavaScript remoting for faster performance

Get a tab to view and edit your tasks

  • Filter & sort to find the tasks you're looking for
  • Make inline edits
  • Prioritize your most important tasks in your Favorites list
  • Mark tasks complete with one click of the Done button

Get social - use Chatter right from the Done tab


Read & post to Chatter without clicking into each task


Notifications let you see if a task has Chatter messages


Show or hide Chatter for each task

Create task with fewer clicks

  • Create one or many tasks at once and reduce data entry.
  • Assign & delegate tasks to other users and continue to track the tasks.
  • Add other Salesforce users to tasks so you can collaborate.
  • Use the RACI model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) to set roles for each task. RACI helps give you a complete picture of everything going on with each of your tasks.

Update tasks faster

  • Need to change the due date on 25 tasks? With Done, you can update all 25 tasks at once!
  • Mass edit & update are available for other task fields as well.
  • Done uses standard Salesforce task objects. Your reports, workflow, and other apps will still work.

Filter & sort to focus in on the tasks you want

By role

Filter by role - assigner, assignee, collaborator

By date

Filter by date (overdue, next 7 days, etc) and task status (not started, in progress, completed, etc)

Quick access

Save your default filter for quick access to your to-do list

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