eCommerce & Sales Collaboration

Rapidly generate revenue by transform your Salesforce Customer Community into a self-service eCommerce (B2B & B2C) buying experience.  Why 100% Native this reduces the time you spend setting up, integrating, and administering your online store.

Out-of-the-box eCommerce for Customer Communities

Are you similar to other Salesforce customers who have unused customer community licenses gathering dust?  Kinetic Growth wants to transform those licenses into a revenue generating machines. 

  • 100% Native leveraging standard and custom objects
  • Certified manage package that is 100% upgradeable
  • Implementation take 24 - 48 hours and start at $4,800
  • Turn any customer community into an eCommerce storefront
  • Instantaneously shares product, price, and customer information with your existing customer community
  • Management, sales reps, and online customers all work from a single unified platform and set of data

Leverage Salesforce Customer Communities in a whole new way

  • Drag and drop lightning community components to quickly set up your eCommerce store front
  • Easily add products and subscription to a shopping cart, present discount or provide promotions, and bundles
  • Manage eCommerce products and prices directly within Salesforce. No separate systems or lists to update

Empower your customer with a self-service online to curbside pickup

  • Design or leverage your existing Customer Community
  • Easily add/change/delete which products are available for eCommerce from your existing product list & pricebook within Salesforce
  • Connect with shoppers, through a unique marketing engagement, to influence buying decisions
  • Empower buyers to collberate with sales to accelerate check-out
  • Built-in SEO options to optimize your site for search

Give your customers an easy way to shop, check out, and buy

  • Shoppers can email a quote for budgetary approval or review their order summary before they pay
  • Cart checkout captures contact details, credit card, shipping &billing info and submits everything through your existing payment gateway
  • Accept credit cards, payment credits, or invoice later
  • Abandon cart no problem, order details are always saved, even when shoppers leave your website and return later

Is 100% Native right for you?

  • Venue uses standard Salesforce Opportunity, Contact, and Product objects to track all eCommerce sales
  • No need to rebuild, we will use your custom objects to work with our Certified Manage Package
  • No data migration needed when you use your existing Salesforce platform with Kinetic Growth Venue eCommerce
  • 100% Native + 100% Lightning = Huge time and money savings!

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