eCommerce & Sales Collaboration

Uniquely designed to work with Salesforce Customer Communities, guests can quickly check out, customers can collaborate with sales, and all partners can shop in a similar shopping experience.

Design and deploy in 24 – 48 business hours for (B2B & B2C) eCommerce:

  • Brand and customize your community site 
  • Drag and drop eCommerce lightning components (no code)
  • Includes eCommerce order object (no need for Community Plus)
  • Shopping Catalog for (standard and subscription products
  • Promotions, discount options, coupons, bundles, advance pricing
  • Shipping, sales tax, credit card processing, invoicing, payments

The best part is that all of your data is 100% natively stored on Salesforce servers.


Quoting, Subscriptions, Billing, & Renewals

Let Encore enable sales, customers success, and finance teams to fully address your customer life cycle.   

Empowering your teams with Encore will help you close business faster:

  • Leverage all your data inside Salesforce for rapid quoting
  • Easily select different products, services or subscriptions
  • Advance pricing options, discounts, ramps, tiers, bundles
  • Enable up-grades, down-grade, or co-term add-ons
  • Generate quotes, proposals, invoices
  • Manage subscriptions, payment/billing and renewals 

For a 360˚ collaborative sales process, combine ENCORE with VENUE

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