relies on partners for e-commerce kicked off its Salesforce1 World Tour in New York City earlier this year. During a roundtable question and answer session after his keynote, a journalist asked CEO Marc Benioff about Salesforce and e-commerce:

Q: Do you need to have e-commerce capabilities?

Benioff: I think that’s a very fair question, and a question we ask ourselves all the time. But to this point we’ve said no, because we have very good partners in the e-commerce area. If Gartners’ analysts were here, though, they would say, service, marketing, and e-commerce are critical parts of the customer relationship management. But today, our customers are not driving us to that place, so we haven’t made strategic moves in that area; instead, we view that as an ecosystem partnership opportunity. You could just go to the AppExchange and look at e-commerce, and dozens of those companies are there.

Other Q&A topics included:

  •’s relationship with Oracle
  • Benioff’s thoughts on Microsoft and Dynamics
  •’s acquisition strategy
  • Benioff’s thoughts on OpenStack

Read the rest of the roundtable Q&A with Marc Benioff at VentureBeat.

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