Salesforce gave an interesting overview at Cloudstock of their relatively new offering. They highlighted three advantages of building a corporate website using Siteforce.

First,  content added to your Siteforce page can be distributed to multiple social networks without any additional clicks. For example, if you add a new marketing campaign to your main page, that content is automatically added your company Facebook page and Twitter account. For social-network focused companies this can save time and keep your message in sync.

Second, the drag-and-drop components you can use to build pages provide a high quality, “pixel-perfect”, tool to create attractive web pages.

Finally, the most interesting feature is the way you administer the website. You use a tool called the ‘site studio’ which runs from within Salesforce. All site resources are stored in the editor and changes can be live-previewed before you publish them.

You can watch a demo video at


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