Venue is designed for online business: it is extensively customizable and includes all the components required for a fully functional eCommerce store such as a shopping cart, shipping, sales tax, credit card processing, discounts, and coupons.

eCommerce for Salesforce

Venue runs 100% on the Salesforce Platform so your online store instantaneously shares product, price, and customer information with your existing Salesforce database. Management, sales reps, and web customers all work from a single unified set of data. This reduces the time you spend setting up, integrating, and administering your online store.

Use the platform to sell online

  • Add a shopping cart and accept credit card payments using, Stripe, CyberSource, and other payment gateways.
  • Manage eCommerce products and prices directly within Salesforce. No separate systems or lists to update.
  • Integrates eCommerce into Salesforce Customer Portals and Communities.
  • 100% Native - track eCommerce sales within Salesforce alongside your other sales. Use the analytics, reports and workflow you already have.

The Salesforce database powers your eCommerce website

  • Select which products are available for eCommerce from your existing product list within Salesforce.
  • Only eCommerce Enabled items are displayed on your website.
  • Specify the eCommerce Name and Description for your products.
  • Built-in SEO options to optimize your site for search.
  • Use standard Salesforce Price Books to set prices.

With Venue, customers can buy your products online.

  • Add images and files to your Products.
  • Display prices and additional product details.
  • Customize the product page with more information or to configure product options.

Shoppers add products to Venue's shopping cart on your eCommerce website

  • Your shopping cart remembers items, even when shoppers leave your website and return days later.
  • Update quantities, remove items, and see prices within the cart.
  • You have full control over your website. Use our templates or customize your own eCommerce design.

Venue gives you a checkout page to complete eCommerce sales.

  • Your checkout page captures contact, credit card, and billing info and submits it for payment processing.
  • Accept orders now and invoice later.
  • Shoppers can review their order summary before they pay.
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account.
  • Venue automatically emails customers their order confirmation.
  • Display customer order history and save credit card and billing information.

Venue is 100% native. It captures all sales within Salesforce.

  • Venue uses standard Salesforce Opportunity, Contact, and Product objects to track eCommerce sales.
  • You can view your eCommerce Opportunities at any time to see what customers are considering and what they have purchased.
  • Venue reduces data migration by using your existing products & price lists. This saves you time and money.

To update your eCommerce site, you perform all admin within Salesforce.

  • Salesforce acts as your eCommerce content management system (CMS)
  • Products, prices and descriptions come from your standard Salesforce objects.
  • Venue gives you drag-and-drop image management. This visual tool makes it easier to select & update product images.

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